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For updated video caching support witgh Youtube, you can use LUSCA as it is working fine (as of July 2014)




Following is an automated script to install SQUID 2.7 Stable 9 for UBUNTUwith aggressive contents & few video web sites video caching support as described in my other article @

I will add more n more functions as soon as I get some free time, like configurable options via choice menu like cache size, mem, and other variables.

Revision History . . .

[ 6th January, 2014]    Removed few bugs including “unable to start squid” error in end, while actually squid is running
[ 7th January, 2014]    Download URL have been changed to
[ 8th January, 2014]    O.S check for UBUNTU added
[ 8th January, 2014]    root user check added
[ 8th January, 2014]    Function added to remove previously downloaded files in /temp folder…

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