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Squid Analysis Report Generator (SARG) is a Squid proxy log analysis tool for Linux. SARG provides web based logfile analysis and divides traffic based on IP address. Traffic is then categorized by web site visited, traffic volume, and other useful statistics. It enables you to see your Squid users internet usage. SARG provides many statistics and informations about Squid users activities like times, bytes, sites, etc.

Installation in Ubuntu is relatively straight forward with a couple of commands

After SARG installed, we need to modify some options in sarg.conf.
Issue the following command.

Now remove all lines and paste following lines in this file.

Now save and exit.
Don’t forget to Create a dir Where SARG will create reports in /var/www/sarg
(You can change output dir syntax in sarg.conf)

To run sarg, use the following command

This will produce reports in /var/www/sarg , and to run sarg daily automatically …

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